Osiris and Jesus, A Comparative Essay by Jack McHugh

There are many different stories in the world.  I found two that are surprisingly very similar.  The story of Jesus, written in early A.D. in Israel, is about when the son of God is killed by humans and rises from the dead.  The ancient story of Osiris, written thousands of years before in Ancient Egypt, is about an Egyptian pharaoh that is killed and returns from death as the god of the afterlife.  The story of Jesus and the story of Osiris have similar characters, setting, plot and theme.

Both these stories have very similar main characters.  Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary in the Immaculate Conception.  Osiris was also born amazingly when the god Thoth allowed Osiris to be born on one of the nights he made that were separate from the year.  Jesus was a preacher, he preached throughout Israel with hi Apostles, preaching to the people.  Osiris did the same, he traveled with his band of musicians and artists and taught the savage people of Egypt how to act civilized.

These stories settings have more similarities than differences.  Jesus was sent by God to Israel.  A hot, sandy place stuck in the middle of the desert.  Osiris is in a similar situation, he is in Egypt, an extremely hot, dry desert that winds throughout the country.  Both settings are places where the settlers are desperate for knowledge.  The people and the place they are each in needs a lot of help.

Both these stories share similar plot-lines.  Jesus is tortured and killed by humans when they beat him with whips, throw rocks at him, stab his side and hang him on the cross.  Osiris had a similar experience.  He was tortured and killed when he was locked in a coffin and drowned in the Nile.  He was cut into fourteen pieces and his body parts were spread throughout Egypt.  The plots of both stories included a prediction that the hero will come again to judge the living and the dead.

These stories share a similar theme.  Each theme is that the hero of the story will sacrifice himself for the sins the humans have made and open up the heavens.  In the Bible it says Jesus will sacrifice himself for the sins the humans have made and open the Kingdom of  God and heaven.  It says in the story of Osiris that he was killed by his brother, Set, became the god of the afterlife and opened up the Duat.  The Duat is the Egyptian heaven or underworld.

When I read both of these stories I realized they had a lot of similarities.  Then it hit me that people have a passion for hearing and sometimes writing heroic and epic stories.  Then I realized that if people didn’t like these two stories of Osiris and Jesus, they would not have passed on the stories for centuries and centuries to come.  Not just these stories have been passed down hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of tales, legends and stories have been known by people for countless numbers of years.  I think that if you look at these stories for a brief amount of time they will look very different, but if you look deep into the heart of the story they are similar in so many ways.  I have one more thing to say: I found another similarity between both of these epic stories, in my opinion, I loved them both!

5 thoughts on “Osiris and Jesus, A Comparative Essay by Jack McHugh

  1. Jack,
    Very good analysis. I think you’re most important observation is that people love stories about heroes.This is especially true when they live in very difficult times. People can step away from the difficulty they find themselves in, and immerse themselves in a great inspirational story. It’s a good thing to remember in our own lives, that books can be a source of comfort, and a healthy way to step back from our everyday lives.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your comparative essay Jack! You did a wonderful job explaining how these 2 stories are similar. It is interesting to me that all the ancient civilizations used stories as a way of teaching. It is an enjoyable way of learning lessons and makes it easier to remember. I am looking forward to your next essay. I enjoy your writing very much.
    Love- Aunt Roe

  3. Jack the story of Osiris written thousands of years ago is interesting in it’s likeness to the story of Jesus. Does he have followers today? Many of the great religions of the world have their origins in the Middle East – Judaism, Islam and Christian. You must have done a lot of reading for that essay.

  4. Yes I did do a lot of reading for this essay. I read 3 books on the legends of Osiris and did some extra research on the story of Jesus. Thanks for your comment Aunt Mary, JACK P.S. Osiris doesn’t have any current followers. All of the Ancient Egyptian religion is now considered mythology, including the story of Osiris.

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