Rhodopis and Cinderella, A Comparative Essay by Ava McHugh

Rhodopis, written in ancient Egypt and Cinderella, a classic fairytale, are stories of good fortune and hope during bad times.  Rhodopis and Cinderella are alike because they both have terrible things happen to them, receive extraordinary help and find a happy ending.

Rhodopis is beautiful with “white skin and cheeks like blushing roses”.  She had been carried away as a child by pirates and is made a slave.  Cinderella is beautiful like Rhodopis and has also had a hard life.  She had lost her mother when she was a small child. she was mistreated by her step sisters and step mother when they made her do all the chores and cleaning.

Rhodopis is saved when the wealthy Charaxos merchant buys her from the marketplace when he sees her and thinks she was the most beautiful girl in the world. He takes her home and gives her a home and clothes and jewelry and red rose slippers that she loves. One day while she was taking a bath a bird steals a red rose slipper and carries it away to the king. The same thing happened to Cinderella. She is saved from misery by her fairy-godmother. Her fairy-godmother took out her wand and transformed Cinderella a beautiful gown and gave her all these fancy things. She gave her a pair of beautiful glass slippers. Cinderella is about to leave the ball and she loses one of her glass slippers  just like Rhodopis.

Rhodopis has a happy ending because the Pharaoh sends all his best men to find the lady whose foot fits the  beautiful slipper. She is made queen because the slipper fits her and they live happily ever after. Cinderella also has a happy ending. Cinderella goes to the ball and dances with the prince. At the stroke of midnight she goes back to her old self but when she leaves her slipper falls off of her foot.  Prince Charming finds the shoe and tells everyone to search for the one whose  foot fit the shoe, and when Cinderella tries it on it fits!  They get married and live happily ever after.

I think that Rhodopis and Cinderella are very alike.  As soon as I finished the story of Rhodopis I saw a resemblance. I decided to write about them because it would be fun to tell other people about it, and it really was.  I would want to do it again.

3 thoughts on “Rhodopis and Cinderella, A Comparative Essay by Ava McHugh

  1. That is so cool! I can see the similarities, too. It makes perfect sense. Now I learned something really cool about Egypt. -Shea

  2. Hi Ava- I loved the way you compared these 2 stories and showed us how they are alike. Why do you think so many of the ancient stories are so similar to the stories we hear today? Any ideas?

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