November is Ancient Egypt Month

This month we will be studying Ancient Egypt. Some projects will include constructing a working shaduf, writing letters in hierogylphics, making an Egyptian Senet game and mummifying a chicken.  Field trips include  attending “40 winks with the Sphinx” at The Penn Museum of Archaeology in Philadelphia as well as a  private Hieroglyphics lesson with Egyptologist Melinda Nelson-Hurst from The University of Pennsylvania. We will be reading Egyptian legends including Osiris and Isis, Amen-Ra and Horus.  Our English Component this month is learning how to write a comparative essay.  The children will select an Egyptian Myth or Legend and compare/contrast it with a more modern work.  The children will be attending an Egyptian cooking class at Aunt Rosalie and Aunt Susan’s house where they will be using a traditional North African clay tagine. We plan to finish off the month with a visit to prestigious Brown University home to the only Egyptology Department in the Western Hemisphere to meet with Laurel Bestock, Egyptologist. Along the way we will be sampling Ancient Egyptian art, music and culture.  Please feel free to contribute to this experience with your ideas, advice, comments and questions.   We will be posting a record of our Egyptian Adventures so stay tuned!

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