Mummifying a Chicken!

Mummification is the natural or intentional process by which a corpse’s skin and/or organs have been preserved.  In Ancient Egypt,

the process of mummification was achieved using a salt based substance called natron which dried the body; the organs were first removed and then placed in canopic jars — after which the body was covered in natron to remove all the moisture;  when the corpse was fully dried, it was embalmed with oil and wrapped in linen.

For our experiment, lack of a readily available human corpse forced us to think creatively, so we decided to make use of a readily available, almost wholly intact corpse that could be found in any supermarket:  a chicken.

Step 1.  We removed the the internal organs

Step 2.  We squeezed as much liquid out of the chicken as we could

Step 3.  We covered the chicken in salt and let it sit for 1 week

Step 4.  Then remove the chicken and change out the wet salt for new dry salt.

Step 5.  Repeat …

Step 6.  Take  a look, if it looks dry , rub in with oil and wrap in gauze

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