The Road Ahead 2011

The first ever semester of The Galileo School has come to a close and the students and teachers agree it was an overwhelming success. We learned more about the world and each other in four months than we ever could have hoped for.  We would like to thank those of you who supported us with your comments, encouragement, suggestions and ideas.   We received many gifts last semester and we are overwhelmed by the show of love and support. We are so happy to be sharing this adventure with you!

December’s lightened workload allowed us lots of time to reflect and talk about what is working in our school and what can be improved.  Among other things it was agreed that we need to beef up our Science curriculum,  schedule some more individual extra curricular endeavors and graduate to a more comprehensive French foreign language program.

We have big plans for the Spring semester at The Galileo School and hope that you will join us on this wonderful journey.  We want to let you all know of our basic outline for the coming months and welcome feedback and suggestions on building the best experiences.  We are open to new ideas so please let us know of books or music that will enhance our studies, people you know who study or hail from the part of the world we are studying or opportunities to see and touch things relating to our course of study.  Please share.   January is ancient Greece month and a full description of our schedule is coming very soon. February we move on to ancient China, exploring Taoism and Confucious, ancient dynasties, cooking ancient Chinese dishes with Amy Chan and celebrating Chinese New Year.  March will be ancient India month where we will be making our own shadow puppets, celebrating the Holi festival, Hinduism and Buddhism and reading the Bhagavad Gita.   April we will journey across the ocean to explore ancient life in The Americas.  May will be back to Europe to study ancient Rome. June will be the Celts and Britain and we will be reading Beowulf.

Two of our favorite experiences each month are the cooking class and meeting an expert in the field.  We would like to continue these experiences for each month of the Spring semester.  Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to participate.  It is a lot of fun!

Here is to a Happy and Healthy New Year and another successful semester for The Galileo School.


2 thoughts on “The Road Ahead 2011

  1. Hey McHugh Family, Sounds like a lot of great studies ahead, love reading your posts and works. Keep up the adventure! lv the Darienzo’s

    1. Hey Bennett, thanks so much for your comments! It is so nice to know that friends are checking in! Payton is desperate to see Shea, any hope of a playdate??

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