Drawing in the European Galleries

We spent a lovely evening at the Met drawing in the European sculpture gallery.
Ava selected a sculpture of “Andromeda and The Sea Monster” by Domenico Guidi (1694)
Payton’s sculpture was “Lucretia” by Phillipe Bertrand (1704)
Jack’s sculpture was “Perseus with the Head of Medusa” by Antoine Canova (1806)

2 thoughts on “Drawing in the European Galleries

  1. Payton, Jack and Ava: I am so thrilled with your drawings. I know that you found it to be more difficult than you had expected. It is fun to engage in activities that are a challenge; it is just that much more satisfying when you have learned to master them. I cannot wait for our next drawing experience at The Met!
    Love, mommy

  2. These drawings are amazing! I am very impressed with the detail and clarity of each one. Vanessa, Donna King would love to see these and the rest of the website. I bet she would volunteer to do an art class when you guys are up in Mass sometime…Here’s her email address: dking028@aol.com.

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