Greek Diving Bell Experiment

The diving bell was an early invention to help humans extend their time under water.  Divers swam into these bubbles to get air so they didn’t have to go back up to the surface for more air.  Some people say Alexander the Great had one with a glass window in about 333 BCE.  Since then ,the diving bell with an air tube running to the surface has been modified into the diving suit.

We used the Scientific Method  to conduct our experiment:

1.Does a diving bell work?

2.The diving bell will work because air is lighter than water.

3.We took an empty plastic jar and attached an anchor weight made of a rock and some string.  Then we put it in the water and it sank. We attached a flexible tube inside the jar. When we blew into the tube the water inside the jar was displaced by the air and the jar started to rise.   It did this because the air inside the jar is lighter than the water all around it.

4.The diving bell works.

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