The Iliad: A Play In Three Acts

Payton, Jack and Ava wrote and performed a three act play based on the Iliad.  This was their big English project for the month of January.  They worked so hard reading the Iliad, writing the script for just three actors ( just as they did in ancient Greece), making costumes, the set and props.  They even surprised us with two original songs, a dance routine and realistic battle scenes.  Please watch the results below.

3 thoughts on “The Iliad: A Play In Three Acts

  1. Bravo to all the McHughs! That was amazing – very well done. The death scenes really choked me up…To all who indulge…please watch until the very end. You’ll be in for a real treat! Vanessa, you rock!

  2. Cheers from your fans in Winchester! Beautiful to watch! I think we need to have our own Awards ceremony on Sunday night!

    Aunt Kristen

  3. I read the Iliad in High School but not even your wonderful 3 act play can refresh my memory of it. The names of the characters do ring a bell though. It will probably mean a lot more to you kids since you wrote it and acted it out, plus the songs and the dancing. I would have enjoyed making the costumes though because I liked sewing. Great work children. What a privilage to be able to do all of this on your own of course with guidance from Vanessa.

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