Building a suspension bridge by Ava McHugh

Building a suspension bridge was really cool.  I could play with it all day long.  It was so strong it could hold all the money in my pocket book!!!( my pocket book is really heavy).  The suspension bridge was first created in China and was also used many years after by many different countries.  The suspension bridge was used in ancient China for transportation, moving and walking across rivers and other large and deep spaces.

Here are the things you need to have to make it: string, paper clips,straws,to chairs or small tables,duck tape, a cup and some thing to hold down the cup.  So the end result is awesome and I’ll save it for you to because it is really cool!  So here are so pictures of how we made the suspension bridge…

One thought on “Building a suspension bridge by Ava McHugh

  1. How would you like to be the first one to walk out across a new suspension bridge to test it’s strength? It must have been pretty scary for the ancient Chinese who built the first ones…

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