The Asia Society

We went to Asia Society in the city for a Chinese New Year Festival.  We saw a variety of wonderful Chinese performers including a performance by the Peking Opera Company.  The first picture is of a woman dancing. Her dance and her dress are supposed to represent a racing horse!  The next picture is a picture of a man dancing and also telling a story in his dance. He is supposed to be a scribe who worked very hard for a job in the kingdom, but was too ugly!  The third picture is of a lady doing a beautiful fan dance where she spun fans on her fingers. The next picture is of the famous monkey king!   The story goes that when the monkey king crashes a party he wasn’t invited to he makes a big mess and steals all the food and drink. The fifth picture is of a man playing a Huqin.  This is an ancient Chinese string instrument that is a mix between a cello and a violin. Then , the last picture is of the traditional lion dance that is always performed at a New Year celebration in China. I bet you are wondering why the “lion” doesn’t look like a lion. That is because there were no lions in China so the “lion” you see there is what they thought a lion would have looked like!

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