March is Ancient India Month!

The month of March has arrived so soon!  We are all happy here because that means it is time to study ancient India.  This month we will be celebrating the Hindu celebration of Spring, The Holi Festival or the festival of colors, with tie-dying colorful shirts and decorating our hands and feet with Mehndi.  We will be studying parts of the Maharbharata, namely the Bhagavad Gita.  The children will also be reading the poetry of Kalindasa.  We will be drawing our own mandalas and Wheels of Life.  The Met and The Rubin Museum will be a great place to see Indian artifacts and ancient works of Indian art.  Our history component will examine the ancient Indus Valley Civilizations and Aryan, Mauryan and Gupta periods.  We will be viewing The Story of India, an epic documentary from the well-known historian Michael Wood.  The children will experience authentic Indian cuisine. We will be reading The Ramayana and writing a script to perform a traditional Indian Shadow Puppet Show.  We will begin each day with yoga and meditation and conclude each day with ancient Indian tales such as ‘The Tiger, The Brahman and The Jackal’, ‘The Blind Man and The Elephant’ and other Jataka tales.

5 thoughts on “March is Ancient India Month!

  1. I made Bombay Sloppy Joes last night- yummy! I volunteer for the Indian cooking lesson if our other ideas don’t work out.

    1. You’re hired! Mom and Pete are taking the kids out for Indian food one night this month. Ambreen and I are trying to make a date for a dinner at her place celebrating the Indian sub-continent. If that doesn’t gel I will let you know. Thanks for reading our website- you are the only one who ever visits! Thank you for being the best aunt ever!

  2. Both my brother Brian, and his wife have spent considerable time in India. They study a particular type of yoga and meditation. Maybe we could set up a scype.

    1. That would be great! We would love to Skype with Brian and the family. Let me know if he is interested in doing it. Thanks for being so involved, it means so much to us.

  3. I hibernated for the winter.

    I too am happy that March (now April) has come and we have some bright Spring days. I think we here in Ireland should take a leaf out of India’s book and do something to brighten up our days. I am doing Yoga. I don’t think I’ll try cooking Indian food but I may have my next meal out at the local Indian restaurant.

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