Bonjour Judith! Meet Our New French Teacher

Meet Judith, our new French teacher.  Judith was born in America but had the great fortune to live with her Aunt on the beautiful island of Haiti until she was five.  French was Judith’s first language.  She remembers learning English and says that it was easy.  Judith is fortunate to have French speaking family  and friends so she is able to continue to be fluent in French.  We are fortunate that Judith is a talented and patient teacher.  She is used to teaching French at the High School level but she says that she also enjoys teaching a small class of only three students. We look forward to the day when we can converse easily with Judith in the beautiful language of French.  It may be a hard road ahead, but it will surely be filled with lots of laughs. Bienvenue à l’École Galileo, Mademoiselle Judith. Mai nous avons beaucoup de jours heureux!

2 thoughts on “Bonjour Judith! Meet Our New French Teacher

  1. How many days a week is Judith teaching the kids? How is it going? Did you go or are you still thinking of going to the immersion program run by Berlitz? We passed on our immersion week this summer for Irish. Truth be told Luke did not want to do it and Maggie will not part with him, even for a week. Im looking into other alternatives; distance learning and using skype, once I figure out how that works. I loved the article on Thurman and tried to reply but it did not post. Did he think he was talking to his daughter? You should have put on a blonde wig, Vanessa. Hello to all.

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