Shakespeare Workshop

On July 7th, I attended Summerfest at The Mary Louis Academy for a Shakespeare Workshop.  During the workshop, I wrote my own sonnet thanks to the help and guidance of  my teacher Dr. Woehling.  Coincidentally, Dr. Woehling also taught my mother Shakespeare as well when she was in high school. My sonnet is called Flying.


When swimming in the waters that are deep,

I feel the waves are urging me to fly.

When all is gone away, yes I do weep,

The urge will go away when all is dry.

I do not fly when I’m exposed to air,

You think it’s great to be out in the sun.

However, I try to avoid the glare.

Why don’t you try the water, it is fun.

One day why don’t you join me in the waves,

Beneath the clear blue sky and all the clouds.

Later, to you all may seem a haze,

Remember complaining is not allowed.

For neither on the earth or in the sky,

do I ever, ever have the urge to fly.

A big thank you to my Mom and Dad for allowing me to attend this wonderful class, and to the Mary Louis Academy and Dr. Patrice Woehling for all of her help.

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Workshop

  1. Great job Payton! I can’t believe this is your very first sonnet, it is so well done. Your iambic pentameter is excellent!

  2. Beautifully written Payton! You have a real gift. I hope you continue to write and enjoy poetry. How great that you got to take a class with one of Mommy’s teachers! I bet that made Dr Woehling feel very old…LOL.

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