The Illusionist

Ava says: The movie was great and of course, I picked  the Illusionist. I was so happy I did because it was a mix of all emotions. There was one time where the Illusionist had to let his bunny go and it made me cry. Then he bought this girl in the picture above new clothes shoes and a place to live which made me smile. It made me giggle when the girl tried on the high heels and was falling over it was so funny. My favorite character was the girl. In the movie she is pretty. The movie is about a magician who is always traveling.  At one of his stops he  meets the girl.  The girl is poor so she follows him thinking he can make anything appear like a ferry ticket.  So he makes one appear so she can come with him. When they get there he rents an appartement that they live in together. The girl meets all different performers like a ventriliquist and a clown. They both can’t find jobs. So when the clown tastes the soup she makes he goes to find another job but the ventilliquist goes homeless and has to sell his puppet.  But then the Illusionist can no longer afford the apartment and the girl meets a man and falls in love.  The Illusionist leaves town without saying goodbye. He leaves a note that says “Magicians do not exist”. This movie was an animated film. I would rate this movie 5 stars.

Jack says: I thought the movie was good. Though the story was good I thought parts of it were bland and sad. My favorite scene was when the girl makes rabbit soup and the Illusionist thinks she made it out of his pet rabbit. It was very funny. The saddest scene was when the Illusionist meets all these other stage performers and later he finds one of them begging on the streets. The Illusionist realizes that this could happen to him as well. I found it very interesting that French cartoons can be so different from american cartoons. It was very different from the cartoons I have seen before.  This story was serious.  I found the movie good but it just barely kept my interest, I give this movie 2  1/2 stars.

Payton Says: ” This summer we watched ‘The Illusionist’.  It is a French animated film based on the travels of a poor magician. While travelling to Scotland, the magician meets a young girl in the countryside who wishes to accompany him.  She follows him to Edinburgh where he settles for a while to try to make a living. They live together in an apartment and every day when the Illusionist goes to work, the girl goes window shopping. Every day, the Illusionist would buy her what she wanted, even though he could not afford it.   Along the way they meet some very interesting characters like the clown that lives upstairs and the ventriloquist next door. It may seem, at first, as if they have a pretty great life.  Things start to change however, when the Illusionist has to work two jobs in order to support all of the girl’s frivolous needs.  In the end, the ventriloquist has to sell his puppet, and the Illusionist has to let his bunny go because they cannot make a decent living as performers. The girl meets a man and they fall in love.  The Illusionist leaves town looking for better work.  My favorite part of this movie was when the girl was looking in the windows at the clothes. Everything was so dainty and elegant, I wished I could have the dresses too.  I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to everyone no matter what you like and do not like. I would rate this film 4 1/2 stars.

One thought on “The Illusionist

  1. I really enjoy your movie reviews. You each find different aspects of the film that help me to learn not only about the story but tells me something about your unique personalities. Thanks for sharing these and keep it up!

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