The Canal du Midi was built to serve as a shortcut between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, avoiding the long sea voyage around hostile Spain, Barbary pirates, and a trip that in the 17th century took a full month to complete.  The canal runs from Sete to Toulouse  and passes right through our little town of Carcassonne.  A lovely path follows the canal and makes for a great day of bike riding past open fields and vineyards, quaint villages and old growth forests.  With 91 locks, it is no surprise that we were lucky enough to see one put to use during our boat ride.  It was an impressive thing to watch.  We had a beautiful day out and about on our bikes and here are the photos to prove it!

3 thoughts on “Canal du Midi

  1. Vanessa…you continue to amaze and inspire me! This is such an aspiring venture! and I just love the website. What a wonderful way for children to experience enrichment and extension for learning about the world beyond textbooks. This is SO COOL!

  2. Thanks Vicki…I definitely have to return the complement. The Minicks are always inspiring us. Maybe the kids can connect via the website and share some ideas! I hope everything is well with you guys. Hope to see you round the neighborhood when we get back!

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