I woke up on a breezy day in Autumn looking out on the castle. I made my bed got dressed and walked down the block to get milk, bread, and something for breakfast. In an hour and a half we would be going up to the famous Chateau Comtal. After having my Nutella toast, we walked up to the castle. After we got inside the castle we walked right to the center, finding ourselves infront of humongous wooden gates. We then made our grand entrance into the Chateau across the stone bridge, snatched our audio guides and started touring. First we crossed great courtyards learning  about how they guarded the front walls and how hard it was for your enemy to get in. We saw a cool film during the tour about the reconstruction of the chateau during the 1800s by Eugene Violet-le-Duc. Then we walked up long spiral staircases to get to the towers. Up there we saw a model of the chateau, and looked out the windows to see the stunning view of the city of Carcassonne with the Pyrennes mountains beyond it.  There is a legend that says when an army came to take over Carcassonne, their plan was to keep all the people inside the chateau so none of them could get any food. When hungry enough they would come out and surrender.  But when the people of the chateau were down to their last pig, the princess de Carcass came up with a plan to stuff the pig and throw it down upon the army from one of the towers. This fooled the army into thinking they had so much food that they could spare so fat a pig, so they gave up and left. If this story is true we would have stood where The princess de Carcass once stood!  After walking along the towers, we made our way into the small castle museum. We saw many beautiful works of art there. We saw many decorated plaques with monks writing and copying books. We saw a lot of statues, many of mary holding her baby Jesus. Then we came to the gift shop where I bought my wooden dagger. We then walked down to our house on rue Trivalle.  My dad started work and we started learning our lessons as on any normal day.

3 thoughts on “Le Chateau Comtal

  1. Perfect description of our day at the Chateau Jack! My favorite part of that day was when we got to see the Wisigoth Tower that I drew, up close and personal! (You can find it in the first slide of pictures.)
    I miss you Carcassonne!!!

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