The Song of The Nibelungs

The song of the Nibelungs is an epic poem about the death of Siegfreid the dragon slayer,and the revenge of his wife Kreimhild. This story is a germanic tragedy written in the thirteenth century. A famous German opera composer  took inspiration from the poem and made the opera, “The Ring of the Nibelungs”. Performances of this opera can last up to 14 hours long ! The story goes that Siegfried Marries the beautiful princess, Kreimhild. In order to get the blessing of her brother, King Gunther, Siegfried must help him win the love of Queen Brunhild, in a contest. When Siegfried tricks Brunhild into loving Gunther, she comes to live in Gunther’s castle. Years later when Brunhild finds out that Siegfried helped Gunther cheat in the contest, she abandons Gunther and plots her revenge against Siegfried. When Brunhild and her vassal, Hagan, finally kill siegfried, Kreimhild is outraged. She then marries Atila the hun and starts plotting her revenge against Hagan and Brunhild. After a long time in planning, Kreimhild invites Brunhild and Hagen to a feast and kills them both. This story is about revenge, when Kreimhild kills Brunhild and hagen, Pride, when Brunhild kills Siegfried, and loyalty, when Kreimhild stays loyal to Siegfried by taking revenge on Brunhild and Hagan. In my opinion, the moral of the story is to stay loyal to the ones you love and respect. I feel that this story is not the greatest example of this moral because of the death and the murder. The story was very entertaining and fun to read. I would recommend this story to anyone who likes medieval literature.

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