Why does an egg bounce when you put it in vinegar?

Why does an egg bounce when you put it in vinegar?  Well the reason is that the acid in the vinegar will dissolve the calcium in the eggshell. This is a chemical reaction. I tried this project and this is what I did.

Step 1. First you find a little bowl for your egg.

Step 2. Then you take some vinegar and pour it in until it covers the egg.

Step 3. Leave it for one day and then check on it.  The shell softens and you can rub it off.

Step 4. Leave it for one more day and then rub off the remaining shell. Rinse egg under water

Now you will have an egg with no shell that is still intact.  It is still intact because the egg’s membrane is still there.
After you’ve done all the steps you can take a flashlight and put your egg straight on the top of it and you will see the yoke floating inside.

The egg feels rubbery and you can even bounce it gently on the table.

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