Murder Most Foul

At the end of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, Hamlet tells his best freind Horatio to tell his story to the world . Horatio then says a speech about the deaths of the people in the play. I will explain to you the content of the speech.

When Horatio says “accidental judgement” he was talking about a death that was accidental. This means the death of the queen. The queen died from a poisoned cup that was meant for hamlet. When Horatio says “casual slaughter” he means the deaths of  Rozancrantz and Guildenstern . The king sent them with Hamlet to England for his death. When Hamlet finds the death letter he writes a new one in its place saying Rozencrantz and Guildenstern should be put to death. Hamlet does not seem to care or regret what he did. When Horatio said “deaths put on by cunning or forced cause” he meant Hamlet. The king and Laertes made a plan to kill Hamlet because the King secretly killed Hamlet’s father, and he was out for the King. Laertes wanted to kill Hamlet because he killed his father Polonius. They killed Hamlet with a poisoned sword. Then last of all, Horatio says “purposes mistook fallen on the inventors heads” this means the King and Laertes. Even though they succeeded in killing Hamlet, they were first slain by their own poisoned sword.

I love how in Horatio’s speech, Horatio doesn’t mention any names. This means, to me, that Shakespeare left it up to the reader to find out who died of what cause. In a way, he lets you fill in the little details of the story he does not spell out. Hamlet is the best example of a tragedy I have ever read

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