Hamlet’s Last Request

In the story of Hamlet, Hamlet dies and his last request is for Horatio is to tell what really happened. Horatio is Hamlets best friend.  In Horatio’s speech he mentions “accidental judgement,casual slaughter, cunning or forced cause and purpose mistook fall’n on the inventors’ heads.”

When Horatio talks about “accidental judgement” I think he is talking about when Hamlet kills Polonius. When Hamlet kills Polonius it’s obviously by accident.  Hamlet and his mother were arguing and when Polonius moved behind the curtain.  Hamlet thought he was the king and killed him.

“Casual slaughter” is commited when King Claudius Has Hamlet sent to the King of England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.  They are carrying a letter that says that Hamlet is to be killed upon arrival.  Hamlet finds out about the plan and changes the letter to instruct the King of England to kill the messengers of the letter.  His friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are carrying the letter and therefore are killed.  Hamlet is very casual about doing this and does not seem to feel bad or guilty.

“Cunning or forced cause” is when  Laertes and the King try to kill Hamlet. Their plan to kill him is to poison him. This plan works and in the end he dies.  “Purpose mistook fall’n on the inventors heads” is when the plan of Laertes and Claudius to kill Hamlet goes wrong.  Their plan is to poison Hamlet’s drink and his sword. However, the Queen drinks the poison and Laertes and the King get cut with the poisoned sword.  In the end their plan backfired and they all die.

I think that Hamlet was wright to ask Horatio to tell what really happened.  Even though these things are all bad i think there were other things that were really good about hamlet like how he tried to keep his fathers honor.

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