Jack’s Food Blog: Milano

Goodbye Roma, hello Milano!

We have left Rome for the Fashion Capital of the World, Milan!  Though we only get to stay for a day, we still have sights to see, and food to eat. After seeing the famous Duomo and the gigantic shopping center, Galleria Vitorio Emmanuelle, we were all very hungry.  It turns out we picked the right place to have an appetite.  Locals in Milan have a secret.  If you are a tourist in the know you can find it too. “Luini” is a street side shop with every kind of panzerotti imaginable! Panzerotti is a deep fried ball of dough (like a zeppole) filled with either sweet or savory fillings. This doughy delight is quite tasty.  The line was very long and the little street was filled with happy people eating their panzerotti. I had ham and mozzarella filling as my savory choice.  For a sweet finish, I chose the figs, nuts and cocoa.

When I took my first bite of the ham and mozzarella , the dough was flaky and crunchy, the mozzarella was soft and warm, and the ham was sweet and succulent. The mixture of those three qualities was heaven. When I got to dessert the figs,nuts and cocoa was the one.  The figs had a bitter sweet taste that evened out the sweetness. The nuts added a crunch and saltiness to compliment the figs. Then the cocoa topped it of with a thick layer of chocolate.

Luini was arguably  the best place I’ve been to so far, but with over three weeks to go, There are still many places to eat and to love.

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