Venice is a very mysterious city, even if we had stayed longer we wouldn’t have seen everything. The streets are like a maze, they are tight and small and crooked and you never know where they’ll lead you. We walked from the train station to our hotel and passed through Saint Mark’s square. I didn’t enjoy Saint Marks that much, firstly the design of the building was a bit off center and there was scaffolding and billboards. ¬†Secondly there were a lot of pigeons. Yuck! Otherwise I had a lot of fun in Venice. We went to the library where Indiana Jones was filmed in the third movie, we went to a Vivaldi chamber music concert and went for a gondola ride. The concert was great, the music was beautiful and I especially liked being able to see someone playing the harpsichord, it was a cool experience. The gondola ride was really neat. At times I thought we were going to tip over, but we didn’t. (Thank goodness!) We got to see the outside of Marco Polo’s house on the Grand Canal, and all the little canals that branch off of it. Sentieri Felice! -Payton

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