Massasoit’s Response

Dear Techumseh,

It is very hard to explain myself to you, for you are ruthless just like every warrior of our people. You are in someways naive to things you claim to know, but in reality you have exaggerated and perceived these things wrongly. Though you are a true leader and will learn with time. You have asked a question no man can answer: how to enable human progress without killing.  Unfortunately, I am human and trying to come up with an answer is impossible for me, but you can Techumseh.  You will become a strong and intelligent person and you will find an answer within yourself.  You can reach heights that no one has reached before. So  I cannot help you there.

I chose the path I chose because in the beginning it was  we who needed help from the white man. We had no idea of the others that would come.  We wanted to make a friendship between tribes, an alliance.  We sought weapons and medicine from them and they relied on us for their food.  As long as I was alive the two peoples lived in harmony.  When I died they started to cheat my people, they would make us follow their religion and give us cheap beads in exchange for a great amount of land that was not ours to sell nor theirs to take.  I am upset with the outcome of the path I took , but then again, slaughtering them would not have pleased the English, my people, or the great spirit.

It is sad to see you have lost our traditional culture, but life goes on.  Of course it is ideal to restore the traditions of old, but it is necessary that you find other ways to worship our faith in the great spirit and create new ways to pay homage to the master of life. We must not lose faith young one.  Be strong and believe in yourself and the great spirit, and when you die you shall be known to all as a great leader

Sincerely, Massasoit

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