The Civil War 1862-1863

During the Civil War in 1862 to 1863 many terrible,wonderful, amazing events happened. We can still see these places where battles to place, but why is it important? What does it matter? Why preserve the land? There are two major reasons why we should all do these things.

One of the most important battles of the entire Civil War took place in 1862. The battle of Gettysburg. Over 7,500 men died. Like every other battle in the Civil War, it was truly horrific. Who would ever want to remember such a horrible event? There is a very good reason to remember and care about what happened in all the battles in 1862, including Gettysburg. That reason is for history not to repeat itself. If we don’t learn about the past, then we will not make any progress. There are things in history that we model our current society after, and then there are things that we should never do again. Who is to say that we won’t make the same mistake twice? The progress of our world and our country depend on many things, including not making the same mistake twice.

One way to make learning about the Civil War easier and more available is to preserve the land where it was fought. Though there is something more to the Civil War then fighting and killing. Have you ever walked into a museum and felt like you were actually living in the time when artifact, painting, or sculpture was made in? Any time I am around some thing from the Civil War, I feel like I am actually a part of the thing I am looking at. The same goes for the land used in the Civil War. The battlefields that wars took place on, feel like a part of the solidiers who fought the war themselves, and you feel like a part of it too. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, or to stand where a battle was fought? Those experiences are right at your fingertips, and preserving the land all these events happened on make them possible.

The Civil War is not only a part of the country’s history, but of ours as well. The fighting in the Civil War was not necessary, but the Civil War was. The Civil War is not all the killing and battles, but a result of disagreement between two body’s of people. In that aspect the Civil War if still being fought today. Not with solidiers and guns, but with everyday choices we make. 1862 is an important year to remember, so let’s not forget it.

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