The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a book written by F. scott Fitzgerald. The book takes place in the year 1922. The American dream is something that every  person wishes to fulfill. Typically the American dream includes success, food, a home and a family. Sometimes people aim for something beyond their imagination. Everyone’s “American Dream” is different.  Mr. Gatsby’s idea of the “American Dream” is a life filled with money, mansions and magnificent parties.

Jay  Gatsby was very rich. He had huge parties every weekend. Gatsby had the best clothes, the best shoes and the best of everything. He served champagne in glasses as big as bowls.  Hearing this you may think Gatsby had a lot of friends, but he didn’t .  All he had was his next door neighbor Nick.  Nick  Carraway was a bond seller in New York City.  He moved into the house next door to Gatsby.  Gatsby creates this dream life to impress Daisy Buchanan.  Daisy was a girl he fell in love with when he was younger who married another man.   She was also Nick’s cousin.  Gatsby was born poor but always dreamed of being rich. Gatsby loved Daisy because she was desirable.  Daisy loved Gatsby too.  But Gatsby was too poor to support her so he goes away for a long time and returns a millionaire. His plan is to win Daisy back.

F. Scott Fitzgerald doesn’t end the story with a happy ending. In the end Gatsby is shot dead in his pool and has no friends or people to celebrate his life. I think that F.Scott Fitzgerald ends with a tragic ending to tell the moral of the story. The moral of the story is that money can’t bring you happiness or friends.  All it brings you is unhappiness and enemies. But if Gatsby had used his money for good and not unimportant things like parties and clothes maybe his life would have turned out differently.

My “American Dream”  is to be happy, healthy and successful. To be happy is very important to me. I want to be doing something I love but I also will compromise if I need a job that has to suport my whole family. Being heathy is something that is important to me because not only is it important to be in good health but when you feel good you feel happy.  I want to be successful for my family.  If I have just these three things my life can be great.  My “American Dream” is much different from Gatsby’s because I don’t want fancy drinks or mansions or clothes I barely wear.  Materials don’t matter to me and they don’t bring as much happiness to me as other things.

All in all The Great Gatsby is a very inspiring book and I will never forget the lesson I learned from it. I learned that money and materials don’t matter.  The things that matter are only the people you love.

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