Theodore Roosevelt: 26th President of The United States of America

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City. His parents were Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and Martha Bulloch. As a child, Roosevelt was a sickly asthmatic who was bedridden in his early years. He was homeschooled, and he trained to overcome his asthma by working out. When he was young, he had an interest in zoology and made little insect museums in his room.

After Roosevelt studied hard at homeschool and traveled to Europe and Egypt, He entered Harvard College. At peak physical condition, Theodore was competitive in boxing throughout his education at Harvard.  Roosevelt then attended Columbia School of Law, where he wrote a book about the war of 1812 and was offered a chance to run for the Republican party. He was soon a rising star in New York State’s politics.

Roosevelt Married Alice Hathaway Lee for seventeen years, and had two children, but she suddenly died on february 14, 1884 on the same day as his mother. He later quoted that “The light has gone out of my life”. Theodore became a republican activist leader. He was over whelmed by people running for public office. He said the wrong things at the wrong times and wasn’t forgotten for them. He retired to Dakota to hunt and live on his ranch. He became a deputy sheriff in a local town and was said to have been a remarkable staple of justice.

A few years later at the age of twenty nine, Roosevelt came back to New York to run for mayor, posing himself as a “Dakota Cowboy”. He lost. Almost ten years later, he became police commissioner of New York City. Making self known just in time for Spanish American War.  After founding the Rough Riders in Texas (a group of the best cowboys around), Roosevelt was named Colonel and charged his Rough Riders up the famous San Juan Hill. After the war he was nominated for the Medal of Honor, and soon after became governor of New York. As quickly as he became governor he became vice president for William Mckinley, then Mckinley died a year later and Teddy Roosevelt stood up to bat.

Roosevelt was loved by the crowd. He followed his motto “Speak softly and carry a big stick, and you will go far”. He supported Union workers on strikes, and was the first president to ride in an automobile. He was concerned with hygiene and health around the country and encouraged the progressive movement of inventions during the early 20th century such as the submarine and airplane. The biggest accomplish of his presidency was the foundation of The National Parks across the country, preserving wildlife throughout America that is still here today. He also funded the Natural History Museum in Manhattan , hence the great big statue of Teddy Roosevelt on the steps. He was so popular, a toy was invented in his name, the teddy bear. It’s like if Obama had a toy named the Obama Doll, and every kid had one for the next century to come.

After his presidency, Roosevelt journeyed throughout Africa and South America. On January 6, 1919 at the age of 61, Roosevelt died bedridden, just as he was born. Bed between Bed, Theodore Roosevelt accomplished the goal of being the most adventurous and interesting presidents this country has ever seen. U.S Vice President Thomas R. Marshall quoted “Death had to take Roosevelt sleeping, for if he had been awake, there would have been a fight”

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