Bonjour! Learning a foreign language is not easy. It requires a huge commitment and a lot of patience. We are hoping that learning to speak French as a family will be more effective than an individual attempt. This year we will try to give the children an integrated French curriculum, with initial emphasis on oral communication through the memorization of poems, dialogues and songs. Basic grammar and the reading of simple stories will help to develop comprehension.  We will study French 5 days a week using a combination of language software and conversational study to achieve the best possible level of proficiency.

3 thoughts on “French

  1. Hi Mary! We are using Livemocha and Rosetta Stone for French. We have considered the classes at FI:AF but decided to copy their curriculum at home for now. They use a series of books called SuperMax designed to teach London schoolchildren to speak French. The books are all in French but are simple enough for us to use them. We have been thinking about a summer course at Berlitz. Any thoughts?

  2. Wow, that sounds great, Vanessa. Where does Berlitz offer the summer course? My MIL had lessons with Berlitz and she did very well. Its pretty expensive, though but they did deliver. How did you find out about the SuperMax books? I just found out about Livemocha but they dont cover Irish. What do you think of Rosetta, so far? We have it for Irish. Its slow going for us, but I think its great, so far. Me thinks you guys have to plan a visit to France 😉

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