History is at the heart of The Galileo School. Think of it as the trunk of a giant tree with all the other subjects branching out from it.  It is the heart of our curriculum. This year we are starting from the very beginning. We will visit ancient civilizations in a chronological manner while trying at all times to get a snapshot of the world as a whole.  What was going on in China or South America when the pyramids were being built? What cultural similarities and differences emerged in peoples separated by oceans? We will use other subjects like Art, Music, Food, World Religions,Literature, Science, Sports and Theatre to gain a greater understanding of life between BC5000 and 500AD.

We will be dedicating each month of the school year to a time and place in history.  October will be Mesopotamia Month, November will be ancient Egypt month, December will be ancient Israel month, January will be ancient Greece month, February will be ancient China month, March will be ancient India month,  April will be ancient Americas month, May will be ancient Rome month and June will be ancient Britain and the Celts.

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