1. State the question.

2. Form a hypothesis

3. Test the hypothesis through experimentation

4. Draw conclusions

-The scientific method

In science we will attempt to make connections- among the branches of science, between science and history, between the scientific method and the rules of logic. We will study the animal kingdom, the human body and plants. Focusing on Biology, we will learn about cells and their functions;about the physical systems that bring living creatures nutrients and air; about the ways living creatures reproduce; and about the different characteristics that divide the animal and plant kingdom into phyla, classes, orders, and families.  The children will conduct experiments, record results then read and write more about their discoveries. There will also be field trips to Glen Brook Farm in New Hampshire to compliment the Science component. We plan to attend Harvest Weekend in October and Maple Sugaring in March.

One thought on “Science

  1. WE love Science!
    John, Maria and I are planning to take Robert (Bruneau) to the Museum of the Earth in Ithica, NY sometime soon.
    We want to check out their fossil lab. Ithica is a bit of a hike but the Roxbury house is close enough to use as a jump point to make it a day trip.
    Regarding what I said earlier about Forest Park, you can read on this Wiki page about Long Island ” ” that it is part of the Ronkonkoma Moraine. It is a basically big pile of gravel that the glaciers dumped there when they started melting 21,000 years ago!

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