I sponsor the Sierra club. Why you may ask? Well, unlike most people today I care about nature. I think the earth is beautiful the way it is now and we should preserve it. The ways we can do this is a list that never ends.  If we weren’t to preserve the earth from now on, there would not be a place to go on a vacation. It’s scary to think that the most beautiful places are being destroyed.  Think about it, the entire world being a garbage heap!  I for one wouldn’t like that at all .

Ways we can keep the earth from turning into a “garbage heap” are simple.  Try to use less air conditioning.  Turn the lights out when you are not using that room. Turn out the light in your closet, Payton.  Turn off the water in the sink when you are brushing your teeth. DO NOT LITTER. Remember to turn off the stove, microwave and toaster right after your done using them. When we use electricity we are using fossil fuels like coal and oil. When these are burned they pollute the earth. We should support the making of wind turbines and solar panels which are better for the earth.We can also donate money to organizations like Sierra Club to help grow trees and clean rivers.  Or donate to The Sierra Club for big incidents like the oil spill in The Gulf of Mexico.

Three service projects I think we should do in school this year are 1) Collect trash on the walking trails through Forest Park. 2) Go on a Sierra Club Volunteer Trip and 3) Have a garage sale to raise money for Sierra Club and their good works.

5 thoughts on “THE SIERRA CLUB

  1. I have always wanted to go on a Sierrs Club trip! Margie, the chocolate lady, has gone on a few of them so stop by Schmidt’s for a bite of chocolate and a few stories:)

    1. Thanks for the comment, it was one of the first I got. The advice was really helpful. We’ll have to talk to Margie about her trips. I’ve always felt that the state of the earth balances the way we live. I think joining the Sierra Club expresses my views completely. JACK

  2. Sounds great Jack…Let us know when you get the garage sale organized. We definitely have stuff to contribute.

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