It’s raining cats and dogs!

I want to help a lot of animals.  Bobby and The Strays was my inspiration.  I want to find a way to help a lot of homeless cats and dogs.  It’s unfair for only cats and dogs who have homes to be called pets instead of just animals.

Some cat’s and dog’s lives are in jeopardy, they need your help.  We need to help them. If we help them they probably won’t be in danger anymore. When we find a way to help homeless pets the world will change.  It’s important for a change. We should make sure that every animal is okay.

My three ideas to help homeless pets are to raise money for Bobby and The Strays so they can buy food and medicine for the pets. We can also volunteer our time there, helping to find a home for the cats and dogs. I also want to collect towels and blankets for the shelter so the pets can keep warm.

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