Helping My Community: The World

I think that community service is an important part of a good education. Some people may think that when they say the word community it means the people next door and the church they go to, but to me it means the World because, really, we are all one big community. My contribution to my community is supporting World Vision.  At World Vision you are able to choose a child to sponsor.  You may choose a child from many different places.  My sponsored child is Kasturibai Someshekar. She lives in Gulbarga, India.   There, a project takes place.  With my help, my sponsored child can go to school. My support enables the community to have fresh drinking water and working individual toilets. To hear about the progress of the community makes me smile. I love getting letters from Kasturibai! Although I sponsor someone living across the globe, the truth is that there are people living here in New York City suffering as well. There are many ways that my family and I can help the poverty stricken in our local community. I feel that no one should have to be homeless or starving. Sadly, that is not the reality.  We are in an economic recession and lots of people have lost their jobs. Without  jobs people cannot afford food and shelter for their family.   Now it is our job to help.  The world is full of opportunity and now is our chance. Here are my service project ideas for the school year.  Make a start by simply putting food or clothes in a food or clothes drive container. Next, make arrangements to volunteer at a soup kitchen. Lastly, when I see a homeless person on the street I could give them some change.  These are only some of the ways that I can help the less fortunate in my community. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear about them! Good Wishes! (or in Kannada “Shuba Haraike!”)

3 thoughts on “Helping My Community: The World

  1. Community service makes my heart sing!!!
    * How about making a dozen PB&J sandwiches with the clan and giving them to those in need that you pass on your way into NYC one day.
    * In October & November my yoga studio is collecting used childrens’s shoes to ship off to Good Hope Orphanage in Tanzania so go through the closets and I can send them off for you guys.

    I’ll keep thinking……..

    1. Thanks Nana!! I will totally send some shoes to you!!! The PB&J thing sounds like fun. All the McHugh cousins should do it together. It would be fun and it would DEFINITELY make a difference. Thanks so much!!

  2. I sponsored a girl from India too from the time she was 9 until she was 18. It was a wonderful experience to see that with a little help and kindness you could really change someone’s life. I like the way you are thinking Payton…great service project!

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