Letter from Kasturibai

Meet my friend Kasturibai! She is 11 years old and she lives in India. She is my sponsored child from World Vision. Since she is my age, we get along really well. We write letters to each other a lot. She recently wrote to me saying that she loves school. She says that she, and other children received note books and bags as well as glasses and chocolates. I wrote back telling her how I was and how Halloween is coming up. I told her what it was and how everyone goes trick or treating. I also sent her a mask to wear and some Silly Bands.  Kasturibai’s family is very unfortunate. They have three girls, including Kasturibai, and are very poor.  However, after I started sponsoring Kasturibai, she was able to go to school with other sponsored children. I hope that one day I can actually go to India and meet her.

2 thoughts on “Letter from Kasturibai

  1. Payton, Read your note about your friend Kasturibai, sounds really cool that you have a friend so far away. Looking forward to hearing more. lv. Shea

    1. Thanks for the input Shea! It is REALLY fun to have her as a pen pal. We sometimes exchange pictures and homemade goodies like bracelets and stuff. I hope we can get together soon. It has been so long. Love you guys! -Payton

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