Cuneiform Project

Step One: These are the supplies we needed for our project. Sculpting clay to form the tablets.  A wooden stylus to carve the letters. We also had the cuneiform alphabet for reference.
Step Two: Next we kneaded the clay.  We kneaded until the clay was nice and soft.  As you can see, Payton did a pretty good job.
Step Three: Then, we shaped the clay into a block to make a nice flat surface for us to write on.

Step Four: After we flattened out our cubes, we carved in our first name initial. That tablet has a “P” for Payton.

Step Five: We carved the letters with a wooden stylus, just like the Mesopotamians.  Ava was able to fit her whole name!

Step Six: Next we put the tablets in the oven… sorry you can’t eat them.

Step Seven: This is the finished stage of the tablets.  That was a cool project.  I sure did  like learning how the Mesopotamians wrote their letters.  Now I know why the Mesopotamians praised scribes so much,  it was so hard to write  just one letter!  Imagine writing a whole book, it would take you much longer than an afternoon. Did you know in ancient Mesopotamia that scribes studied for twelve years at a school called an Edubba?

I’d like to thank my Mom for buying the supplies and taking all the wonderful photos on this page.

Thanks Mom. Love, Jack.

6 thoughts on “Cuneiform Project

  1. Great job Jack! I can’t figure out how to fix the layout of this post. I will ask Daddy to look at it. Love, Mom

  2. Jack- I enjoyed reading your blog. I am impressed by the variety of sentence structure. Asking questions to your readers is a good writing strategy. (of course in moderation) You have used some long and some short sentences; this creates a good flow for the reader. Well done.

  3. Finding out the real meaning of “edubba” might reveal quite a bit about the Mesopitanian views on education.

    1. The layout wasn’t supposed to be that way. Something went wacky and it messed up the whole layout. I’m glad you like it though. I knew someone would like it. Thanks for the comment. JACK

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