Ava’s Service Project

I wanted to help Bobbi and the Strays because I LOVE  animals. I felt so good when we donated all the food.  It was a                                                                         great experience!  When people passed by I asked them ,”Would you like to help a kitten?”, Nobody could say no.

The best part about it was that I helped the animals..I loved it. It was the best day ever!  I realized that

everyone who worked at Bobbi and The Strays were just volunteers!  I wanted to pitch in too.

2 thoughts on “Ava’s Service Project

  1. that is sooo awesome!!
    this animal shelter sounds really cool. i bet at night all the animals get together and play music (bobbi & the strays – gotta be a band name, right:?)

    i’ve always been very interested in inter-species relationships, and how we can grow from them.
    some interesting animal reading:

    there is a great little story about a chimp and human encounter in this book (i think it’s in this book, anyway it’s a great book)
    Another Way of Telling by John Berger / Jean Mohr

    this is a fantastic book about Artist Elephants!! their paintings are soo amazing!
    When Elephants Paint : The Quest of Two Russian Artists to Save the Elephants of Thailand
    komar & melamid + Dave Eggers

    great story about hippo & tortoise friendship –
    story here, i think there is also a book:

    a great little text here – how the proximity of animals expands our awareness beyond our own limited senses:
    “Dogs, with their running legs, sharp noses and developed memory for sounds, are the natural frontier experts of these interstices….”
    (pentti sammallaht almost ALWAYS has animals in his photos)
    (some nice photos here too – his photos are sooo great!! http://www.utata.org/salon/19575.phpi

    of course – the classic folktale – The Bremen Town Musicians…..


  2. Great work at the shelter you guys!
    We’ve ben voting for them on their website so they can will the $10,000 grant.

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