Osiris: God of the Afterlife

Osiris is the god of the dead.  He is the son of the gods Nut and Geb.  He is also the father of Horus and Anubis.  At first Osiris was the god of the living but when people became obsessed with death he became the god of the dead.  He only brought down the souls that lived good lives.  Also known as the Lord of Love, Osiris was a harsh ruler of the underworld.  Only perfect souls could pass the test.  The Egyptians worshipped Osiris because they thought his happiness would keep the Nile flowing.  Osiris was the husband and the brother of the goddess Isis.  Osiris wears green skin to symbolize rebirth.  The two instruments that Osiris holds in his hands are the crook and the flail. Osiris is also known as the shepherd god.

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