Sobek: The Crocodile God

The Egyptian crocodile god, Sobek, was god of the Nile and of Fertility. He was also patron of the army and the military. Egyptians believed that if they prayed to Sobek, he would protect them from being attacked by crocodiles. He was said to emerge from the waters of chaos at the moment the world began. Temples were created for him in places where crocodiles dwelled. They were mostly in cities by the Nile. Some of his temples had pools where sacred crocodiles were kept. They were fed the best cuts of meat, and were quite tame. Then, when they died, they mummified them and placed them in an animal tomb. Also, Sobek was the protector of families. Statues of crocodiles were found in homes. You can see these statues in the Egyptian wing at the Metropolitan museum of Art.

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