The Holi Festival

The Indian Festival of Holi, is an ancient tradition dating back thousands of years. Holi, the spring festival of colors, is celebrated by Hindus around the world in an explosion of color. Holi is celebrated by throwing colored powder on each other. A very, fun and boisterous holiday, Holi is a day to celebrate the coming of spring, and the end of winter. We saw just how much fun it would be, and decided to celebrate Holi this month in our own way. As throwing dye at each other would get quite messy, we decided to tie-dye t-shirts! All of us made t-shirts with different designs. No two shirts were the same. We made pink shirts blue shirts green shirts, every color you could imagine. This was a very fun project. We then did Menhdi Henna, the ancient body art of India. a temporary design, it sounded like the perfect way to celebrate the Holi Festival as well. Our design artist, Mommy, painted my right hand and both of Ava’s feet. The results were fantastic! All in all, the celebration of the Holi festival was an experience we will never forget.

2 thoughts on “The Holi Festival

  1. Payton, the painting project sounds like a lot of fun and something most kids would love doing. What I would like to know is did you go into the city with the designs on your hand and Ava’s feet. A change from wearing Shamrock for the month of March?

  2. I just did a reply and posted it so why does this slot keep coming up asking for a Reply? This thing is getting me down.

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