The Story of India

“The Story of India,” a six-hour, three-night mini-series beginning Monday on most PBS stations, is the latest television opus from the British pop historian Michael Wood, whose projects have included “Art of the Western World” and “Conquistadors.” A lot of younger documentary and reality-television makers work the cultural-travelog angle these days, but Mr. Wood remains the gold standard. If you like the idea of watching a really good National Geographic article brought to life, with the lush photography, fascinating facts, sense of discovery and slight superficiality that implies, you’ll love “The Story of India.”- Mike Hale, New York Times

Jack says: “The story of India was a fascinating series to watch. A great way to learn about India’s history and culture. The series of episodes was very well set up moving from Empire to Empire Dynasty to Dynasty.  Also,  Michael Wood did a great job of explaining every detail , making sure you wouldn’t get confused. I rate this film 5 stars.”

Ava says: “I think The Story of India was a great introduction to learning about India because it has modern times and ancient times involved in it.  I think that there was one building that caught my eye: it has all the Hindu gods carved by hand on it.  I think that Michael wood did a great job articulating every word he said.  I loved the series it was great.I give this movie 41/2 stars.”

Payton says: “The Story of India by Michael Wood was a very interesting series. It made learning about India a lot easier. The tricky part was the dates. I could not for the life of me remember any dates, but these episodes helped me to remember. There were so many beautiful scenes to add to the beautiful and wondrous history of India. So much care was put into the chronological aspect of the series, going in order from the Indus Valley to the Gupta Dynasty. I thoroughly enjoyed these shows. I would rate this series 5 stars.”

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