April is Ancient Americas Month

With April comes warmer weather (hopefully), rainy days and the ancient Americas!  I cannot believe how quickly the months are passing and that we are already here.  Studying the ancient Americas will be a lot of fun.  Our history lessons will explore the early peoples of the Americas including the mysterious Nazca of South America,the ancient Olmec and Maya of Central America and the trapping and hunting tribes of North America.  We will study the ancient globe and how the map has changed over time as well as prehistoric migration patterns.  Our science curriculum will have us building a rolling garden to grow ancient American plants such as corn, squash and potatoes.  Projects will include making ancient American inventions such as sunglasses and making butter as well as pottery and weaving on a loom.  We will track the path of the sun and find true magnetic North as the ancient Americans did.  We will study the Mayan creation myth the Popol Vuh, check out some Mayan artifacts at the Met and of course we will be eating lots of Mayan food, yum. We will also be very busy this month preparing for Math and Science State tests coming up in early May.

3 thoughts on “April is Ancient Americas Month

    1. Hi Grandpa, this is Jack: The Mayans spoke a language called K’iche. There are supposedly 29 branches of this language in Mexico and South America. These languages are actually still spoken today! The languages are not completely the same as the ancient language but they are very, very similar.

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