Watercolor or Aquarelle in French, is a painting method using water soluble pigments.  Watercolors are usually painted on paper and usually transparent so to allow light to reflect from the surface of the paper. This gives a luminous effect.  Watercolor painting has the reputation of being quite demanding.  Unlike oil or acrylic painting, where the paints essentially stay where they are put and dry more or less in the form they are applied, water is an active and complex partner in the watercolor painting process, changing both the absorbency and shape of the paper when it is wet and the outlines and appearance of the paint as it dries. The difficulty in watercolor painting is almost entirely in learning how to anticipate and leverage the behavior of water, rather than attempting to control or dominate it.

We prepared for the class by practicing sketching objects in 2 and 3 dimensions.  We chose as our first model the Chateau Comtal within the walls of La Cite.  When our sketches were done we walked home to apply the watercolors.  The children did very well with their first attempt and we look forward to trying again soon.  So many beautiful things around us to sketch and paint!

Jack, Payton then Ava’s  versions of Chateau Comtal:

5 thoughts on “Aquarelle

  1. Your watercolors are beautiful! You have such inspiration with all the beautiful scenery and surroundings. Ava you did a really terrific job, your painting really jumps off the page. I feel like I can almost see inside the castle!

  2. Hey Jack- are you guys up late at night? Maybe we can set up a time to have a Video call. When I get home from work it’s about 4pm here and it’s 10 pm in France. Make sure you leave the volume turned up on the IPad so you can hear the ringing…I will try to call you guys on Friday when I’m with Grandma.

    Love to all of you- Aunt Roe

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