Dear Vincent van Gogh,

Dear Vincent

This weekend we took a trip to Arles. It was a place like no other with a mix of city life and the country side. With city sidewalks and fields of wild horses. Fashion stores and ancient Roman ruins. It was a very unique and enjoyable place . When we were in Arles, we went to go see some of the places you’ve been. First we saw the spot where you painted “Cafe at night”.  It was awesome to stand where you once stood!  We almost ate at that exact cafe, but we didn’t get the chance.  Then we saw the hospital courtyard you painted when you were healing from your ear injury. It was pretty amazing to see the courtyard you once painted, exactly the way it looked 121 years ago. I’m still wondering how you made the flowers and trees look so real.  After that we saw the famous ampitheater that you painted. Despite the humongous size of the arena, you were still able to capture it. Instead of painting the outside of the arena, you painted the inside. In the arena, the event of bull fighting still goes on. When there is a bull fight, a big crowd comes and cheers. It is amazing to see how you captured the crowd and the bull fight. You could look at the painting for two hours and still be discovering new things about it.  And finally, last but not least, we saw your starry night, as beautiful as it has ever been.  I probably would not have noticed it if it weren’t for you.  After our visit to Arles I would like to say just one thing to you.  You should not have given up.  You had no confidence or hope inside of you.  I wish you could have lived to see what you accomplished.



Dear Mister van Gogh,

This past weekend, I visited the town of Arles, France. It is an absolutely beautiful place, and I can see why you liked to paint there. The light is always fairy-tale like, the culture is alive and vibrant and the flowers are exceptionally pretty.  While we were there, we visited the Roman Theatre, the Amphi theatre, the Camargue and all of the places you painted. One of my favorites was the hospital. Vincent, if I had to go to any mental hospital in the world, it would be that one. Hopefully I won’t be going to one anytime soon. I loved being able to look at the Night Cafe from your same stand-point. I felt like I was in the painting! The Arena and the Theatre were so cool.  To think of how many generations of people sat in those seats is insane. Visiting the countryside was wonderful. It was really neat to see the Roman aquaduct in the middle of the olive grove. I also liked visiting the little town up in the mountains, Les Baux.  It was very quaint and the candy was delicious. At the very end of the trip, we went to the Arena and the Place de Republique to sketch. Sketching is not my favorite.  I liked to sit and watch life go by, however. In a flash it was time to come home to Carcassonne. We had such a great time. I hope I can come back soon!


Dear Vincent,

When we arrived in Arles it was just as I thought it would be. Sunny, warm and beautiful.  I think your paintings were even more beautiful than the place.  I could see that in the middle of your life all the places you painted were very colorful. But when it was the beginning of your life and the end of your life it was very dark.  When I am thinking about art you pop into my head.  Every place you have painted has changed . But I have an idea of what it looked like when you painted it.  In Arles the night cafe was right down the block from us. We could tell where you painted it. You painted it from the building next to it. We got to go on a safari. We went to see Roman ruins, a city on a mountain and met two very nice people named Carol and Diane.  We got candy and ate it.  It was so good.  We saved some for the train ride home.  The train ride to Arles was okay.  The train ride back was even better. We rode on a train that was like the Hogwarts train.  While we were in Arles I sketched a tower and a door.  It was very frustrating, but I did it.  It was very fun too. So all in all I think this trip was awesome.



2 thoughts on “Dear Vincent van Gogh,

  1. Thanks Ava, Jack and Payton for the insightful recap of your trip to Arles! Have never been but you guys have given me the desire to go and see.
    Payton, I loved your humor of the mental hospital, it must be some good lookin’ hospital!lol Thanks for sharing your adventure, lv Bennett

    1. It was a very good looking hospital! I can’t wait to see you and Shea next weekend! Soo looking forward to it! Love you guys! -Payton

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