The Day at Rocamadour

Today we got up nice and early. We went to the airport and got our rental car. It was a long wait but then we got ready and headed on the road. I liked the car because it was small and a pretty gray color. I liked driving through France because it reminded me of being back home. We stopped at a road stop for lunch. I got a ham cheese and lettuce salad with ranch dressing. It was awesome, it was cold too. I also got Barbecue potato chips. We ate in the car and it was fun. Finally we got to Rocamadour.  Roca meaning cliff and amadour for St. Amador who built the first church here in 1166.  St. Amador carved a statue of Mary and Jesus out of wood and it is known as the black Madonna. People come from all over the world just to see it. There is also a piece of a the famous sword of Roland stuck in the stone there.  Rocamadour is a entire village built on the side of a mountain.  There is a beautiful church. Some of the walls of the buildings were the actual mountain. There was also a Monastery. It was very beautiful but it was a long walk up the hill.  It was really cool. It was a very very very very long walk up. To get to the top  we passed all the shops along the way.  Then we walked all the way up this big hill and my shoes were killing me.  Mommy let me walk without my shoes on.  The smooth stones were cool and nice beneath my feet on a hot day. When we went to go have dinner at one of the restaurants they were all closed till 7 o ‘clock. So we got chocolate instead! It was really good. There was milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. The milk chocolate was the best. Then we got back on the road again and drove to our hotel in Sarlat. Our hotel was awesome. Our room was as big as a house.  While we were there we met a cat named Xena. She followed me to our room and came in with me. So we pet her for awhile and then let her go when I opened the door to go and tell daddy it was time for dinner. So the day we spent at Rocamadour was amazing, fun and exciting.

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