Leonardo DaVinci’s House

As we walk through the gates my shoulders tense and my eyes widen. After spending a day in a car cramped and uncomfortable, I find that Leonardo Da Vinci had his own little castle in France with a yard the size of ten city blocks. As we’re buying the tickets I can only imagine what’s inside. Just picture yourself in the house of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. First we see his work room where they had his actual desk, pen, and paper. Even his chair was there. Then we walk into his bedroom where his dresser and pajamas were. The coolest part was his king size bed. If there was such a size as extra large King size bed, this would be it. After that we walk through the kitchen to find the coolest room in the house. The invention room! First, I come across a wooden tank. Only in the past century have we started using tanks. It’s insane to think that only recently we developed this technology but Leonardo came up with it 500 years ago! Then I saw his flying machine. It was designed to look like and work like a bird flapping its wings. When I first saw it I couldn’t believe it actually worked. I was amazed and I still can’t believe we don’t have something like it today. The coolest part though, was the underground passage. Leonardo built a passageway between the house and Le Chateau D’Amboise, where King Francois I lived. Then we went into the garden, where huge paintings and drawings hung off of tree branches and where you got to try out some of his inventions like the tank.  We spent the afternoon trying out DaVinci’s inventions surrounded by his writings and paintings. It was incredible.

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