The last  two days in France we spent touring the Loire Valley. It was tres belle (very beautiful). We arrived in the town of Amboise  at sunset.  Daddy had work to do in the hotel so the rest of us went out for a walk. We stopped to look at all the shops that were really nice. Dress shops, cafes and chocolate shops.  We walked to the beautiful bridge over the Loire river.  It was so pretty.  There was a small little sailboat by the shore. Me and Mommy and Jack and Payton all took pictures at the bridge.  It was a lot of fun. The sun was setting and everything looked pink. Then we walked back to our room and told daddy what shops we saw and all the little cafes we saw for dinner. Daddy said he wanted to go look at the Chateau D’Amboise. The chateau was beautiful. Francois the 1st grew up there.  He invited Leonardo DaVinci to be his guest there in 1515. DaVinci remained in Amboise, living and working at his own house Clos Luce until his death. They became best friends and they visited each other through a secret tunnel that connected their houses. It is said that when Leonardo was ill, King Francois came to him in the middle of the night and held him. He died in his friends arms.  We saw the chateau and looked for a place to have dinner. When we found the place they gave us very good seats.  The place was so nice.  It was outside on a terrace with the Chateau D’Amboise right there and all lit up at night. I got an omelette  with pommes frittes and ketchup.  The french fries were awesome. Jack got escargot!  I would never ever try it in a million years.  Then we went back to the room because it was late and we had to get up early tomorrow. The streets had no lights and it got very dark.  It was fun trying to find our way back. The next morning we got up very early and drove to the Chateau de Chambord.  This chateau is the largest chateau in all of the Loire Valley.  It was designed to be a weekend hunting lodge for King Francois but was never fully completed.  They are not sure who designed the grand French Renaissance building but some say it was the King’s good friend Leonardo. It was so beautiful and spectacular to see. When we got there we walked around the grounds and took pictures.  It was our last sight of France. Au revoir.

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