Jack’s Food Blog: Rome

Day one:   Rome, Italy. After a long day of touring in Rome, we all were craving a good meal. My mother and father both remembered seeing a small, quaint restaurant earlier in the day. When we took off for the restaurant we were all very tired . So, 15 minutes after we left we were lost in the twisty streets of Rome. We finally came upon the small restaurent on the side of an alley. It was so small we almost missed it. In this small restaurant, I ate my favorite meal of the day. I started with a course of delicious cheeses. There were three kinds of cheese. Two were sheep’s milk cheeses 3 and 4 years old. My favorite was the 36 month old parmesan.( TIP: dip it in honey)

I then had  bruschetta. It was great. The bread was very soft and warm and the cheese was melted and creamy. It probably would have been better if the tomato was not as juicy and wet, it made the cheese a little soggy.

Finally, the main course. I had the wonderfully cooked, Linguine a la vongole. A very simple dish. Just clams with pasta in olive oil. The clams were done perfect and mixed well with the olive oil. The pasta was cooked to perfection( though it couldn’t beat both my Grandma Mary or my Grandma Maryanne). Also the olive oil mixed well with the linguine. My one complaint is that their was to much parsley. In my opinion parsley should only be used as decoration if anything at all. I bet my Grandpa Pete would agree with me.

2 thoughts on “Jack’s Food Blog: Rome

  1. Wow, this looks great! Great idea for a blog Jack! Last night Me and Aunt Susan went to our favorite new Italian restaurant and we had Vongole Pizza! It was just like linguini with clams minus the linguinii! I was pretending I was in Italy with you. Miss you all, love Aunt Roe

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