We have arrived in Rome! Our hotel is in Campo di Fiore and is surrounded with beautiful produce markets and local shops. The Coliseum and Vatican City are only minutes away,  and we visited the Trevi fountain and we each threw in a coin.  Despite the crowds of pushy tourists, we still managed to get a picture. On the way to the fountain we saw the Pantheon and passed through Piazza Navonna. The Pantheon was magnificent! It’s insane to imagine that people were able to build this amazing architectural feat  over 2000 years ago. We learned that when it rains the water falls through the hole in the top of the dome, and they still let people inside! Although we were lucky enough to have nice 80 degree weather, I actually would’ve liked to have been there when it rained. While passing through Piazza Navonna we passed the three fountains and looked at the beautiful artwork on display. Enjoying our time in Italia so far! Sentieri Felice!  -Payton

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