Jack’s Food Blog: Lago di Como

Day 4:  Lake Como, Italy.  After a day of speed Boating on Lake Como we were all very tired. We had taken a boat out on beautiful Lake Como to see beautiful mountains, have a picnic on the boat, and to sail around. We also visited a cool city called Varenna. We got back and decided that for our final day at Lake Como we should eat some place special. We picked Crotto Buba, an agriturismo that was up towards the top of the mountain we were on. After a very adventurous ride up, we sat down with a beautiful view over Lake Como.

For my first course I had the famous Pizzocherri. Pizzocheri is a famous dish made witha special pasta that only comes from the Lombardy region of Italy and is made from buckwheat. This region is the only area in Italy that still grows buckwheat. It was very different from regular pasta (especially because it was black). Topped with potatoes and cheese, this creamy dish hit the spot.

For my main dish I had rabbit in a sweet tomato sauce. It was delicious. Rabbit is not very different from the meats we commonly eat. “It tastes like chicken” as is commonly phrased. The tomato sauce had a tang to it and it livened up the the tender rabbit.

Also worth mentioning, another dish that is famous from this region is Polenta Uncia. Though I didn’t get a taste this dish looked pretty tasty.

For dessert I shared prune pie and Italian fruit cake. These two dishes were very unique. The prune pie was actually very sweet and the fruit cake was hard but very good.

So thats it for Lake Como as we head to Castelrotto.

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