Today we went boating on Lake Como!  We drove down to a quaint little village called Menaggio and rented a boat. We passed several cute little towns on the coast, and each of us took turns driving the boat. We stopped at a little town called Varenna to get some gelato and to explore. When we were walking around, we came upon a little chapel that dated back to the 1100’s! It was in the middle of a piazza and it was completely empty, except for the pews and the altar. I really enjoyed boating, I love driving the boat and stopping in the little towns along the shore. For dinner, we drove way up into the mountains to a small Agriturismo. I had the Pizzocheri, a black buckwheat pasta that can only be found in the Lombardi region of Italy. It’s been a long day and we are all worn out. Time for bed! Sentieri Felice! -Payton

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