Jack’s Food Blog: Castelrotto

We are now in Castelrotto, and it is a wonderful and interesting place. After World War 1, Mussolini, the leader of Italy, claimed a part of Austria called Kastelruth. He named it Castlerotto.  So even though we are still in Italy, the architecture, language and food all still have an Austrian influence.  We were in the Dolomite Mountains after driving a twisty road on the side of a mountain, and now i’m in a toasty room looking out on the mountains waiting for my delicious dinner.

For dinner I had the delicious Turkey breast with Roasted potatoes. Since this was my only dish of the night I am going to go into full detail.

The Turkey was unbelievable. It was soft and had a texture like butter. The meat was extraordinary because of how tender and juicy the inside was and how it meshed with the smokey grilled outside of the meat. It was even better when I squeezed some lemon on it. It added some sour to the soft flavors of the meat which were begging to be flavored up. It also was good with the potatoes (which I will write about later) because the creamy insides of the roasted potato go well with the meaty texture of the turkey.

The potatoes were great. They were nice and spiced and had satisfied my crave for potatoes ( its hard to find potatoes in Italy). As I said before,  it went very nicely with the turkey. Though I prefer my potatoes a little softer, it was hardly a problem.

So that was Day 5. I can’t wait for Day 6 when we go hiking in the Italian Alps and get a small taste of classic Austrian Cuisine!

One thought on “Jack’s Food Blog: Castelrotto

  1. Jack, I am so impressed with your descriptions and critique of the dishes. You are really developing a discerning palate! Isn’t it funny how you can miss a food after not having it for just a few days? I know you love your potatoes…glad you found some. 😉

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